Structural Damage Repair

Structural Damage Repair

Transport Diesel has expertise in dealing with structure damage on heavy duty vehicle.

During a visual inspection, there are several signs and symptoms of frame damage that you should look for on semi trucks and dump trucks. These indications can help you identify potential issues and take necessary actions to address them. Here are three key areas to focus on:

Visible Cracks, Dents, or Deformations: We will examine the frame for any visible cracks, dents, or deformations. These can be signs of structural damage, compromising the frame’s integrity.

Rust or Corrosion: We’ll check for rust or corrosion on the frame, particularly in areas exposed to harsh conditions such as road salts, chemicals, or extreme weather, such as lap joints and frame welds. Rust weakens the metal and can cause it to deteriorate over time.

Alignment of Frame Components: We will examine the alignment of frame components, including the rear axle, lift axles, and suspension mounts. Misaligned or unevenly spaced components can indicate frame damage. Look for any signs of uneven wear on tires or abnormal tire wear patterns, which can suggest misalignment of the axles at the rear or frame issues. Additionally, check if the doors, hood, or other body panels align correctly, as misalignment can result from frame damage.

Qualified technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to measure frame alignment accurately and identify structural weaknesses.

These tools include laser measuring systems, computerized frame alignment machines, and electronic measuring devices.

They provide precise measurements and aid in detecting any deviations or misalignments in the frame structure.