Firestone FS6948 Airspring

Firestone FS6948  Airspring

Firestone FS6948 Airspring


Brand:Meritor Genuine
Marketing Group:Air Springs - Firestone
Product Category:Genuine OE Product
Bead Plate Diameter Bottom:6.31 in.
Bead Plate Diameter Top:6.31 in.
Convoluted Style:Double
Application:Ridewell 1003586948C; Silent Drive
Aftermarket Extended Warranty - General:3 Years / 300K Miles
Min. Height:4.10 in.
Part Diameter:8.88 in.
VMRS Code:016-008-000
Stud Configuration-Bottom:02
Stud Configuration-Top:03
Stud Mount-Bottom Flat:Flat
Stud Mount-Top Flat:Stud

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