Heavy Duty Truck Maintanence

Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance

Transport Diesel provides all necessary services for routine heavy duty truck maintenance:

  • Classic lube service
  • Battery Service
  • 3-Axel Alignment
  • Oil Chanve/B Service
  • Air Filter Fuel Tank Vent
  • Air Dryer Filter
  • Power Steering Fluid Filter
  • Valve Adjustments
  • DEF System Service
  • AHI Clean/Replace
  • DPF Filter Clean/Replacement
  • Coolant Filter Replacement
  • Coolant Replacement/Flush
  • Transmission Filter/Fluid Replacement
  • Fan/Accessory Drive Belt Replacement
  • Differential Oil Replacement

Heavy-duty truck preventative maintenance is crucial for trucks hauling goods, supplying raw materials, and doing the heavy work they are designed to do. Without preventative routine maintenance trucks can break down without warning.

Some preventative heavy-duty maintenance that all drivers should adhere to includes checking oil levels daily and adding fluid when needed, inspecting tire pressure weekly, checking coolant levels daily with water added if low, and replacing filters monthly.

Transport Diesel is professionally certified to carry out all heavy duty truck preventative maintenance routines and can help set up a schedule for your truck in getting it done.