Pig Mat Blue Mat Roll Heavy 16x25' 24600

Pig Mat Blue Mat Roll Heavy 16x25' 24600

Pig Mat Blue Mat Roll Heavy 16x25' 24600

Pig Mat

New PIG’s Grippy Industrial Mat is what you need to protect employees and floors around workstations, machines, and so much more!

The only absorbent mat with Grippy backing stays put no matter what! Specially formulated, full-coverage adhesive backing holds tight but peels up easily; eliminates the need for tapes and trays.

This mat sticks to most commercial floor surfaces including concrete, VCT, linoleum, ceramic tile, quarry tile and laminate flooring. Leak-proof backing prevents absorbed liquid from soaking through to the floor, while a tough, spunbond top later with heavy-duty stitching stands up to foot and light-wheeled traffic.

Eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene safely absorb leaks, drips and overspray of oils, coolants, solvents and water. Easy to cut and install: just roll it out, stick it down and smooth it out.

Tested and Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI): when used as part of your floor safety program, high-traction surfaces such as PIG Grippy Absorbent Mat have been proven to reduce slip-and-fall claims by as much as 90%.

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