Why Your Diesel Needs a Winter Fuel Treatment

Why Your Diesel Needs a Winter Fuel Treatment

Jeff Westover ·

Diesel fuel is given a Cetane rating, which is similar to Octane in gasoline - the higher the rating the better the performance of the fuel.

Additives and fuel treatments can be used to boost the Cetane rating or to mitigate performance impacts brought on by everything from mechanical issues, age of the fuel or even weather conditions. 

There are many types of available fuel treatments for diesel engines. They vary for use at different times of the year and for improving overall fuel efficiency.

One of the best fuel additives we recommend for year round is Total Power. This product boosts Cetane levels and lubricates vital fuel system parts. This product is so popular many opt to purchase it by the case

It also contains an anti-gel element, which is critical during cold weather.  

Diesel fuel is a particularly fickle beast as temperatures drop. You always need to be prepared for performance during seasonal cold spells. 

Diesel has naturally occurring paraffin wax inside it, which might be more abundant in certain types of diesel. As the temperatures start to drop, the wax in diesel starts solidifying.

As that wax solidifies it is commonly described as "gelling", a process that clogs lines and filters and prevents a diesel engine from starting or running efficiently. You need an anti-gel fuel treatment before this happens. 

There might be times where your fuel needs emergency help. Sometimes winter weather catches you off guard. Emergency fuel treatments are available to get your engine started and running again. 

For emergency use we recommend Diesel 911. This treatment breaks down the gel and restores the flow of fuel to an engine. 

Frequently we get asked which of the many available diesel fuel treatments is "the best". 

That is a highly subjective question. 

We temper our product opinions by the ones we use in servicing thousands of heavy duty vehicles each year. What we sell, we use. 

But on an individual basis, what works in your engine for the conditions you drive in will provide variable results. Quite literally, your mileage may vary. 

We recommend you speak with a lot of mechanics and drivers when choosing the best fuel treatment for you. 

We feel safe recommending the products talked about above and all the similar items we sell to treat diesel fuel. Study them carefully for their use and application. 

We also want to hear your opinion and experience with products. We invite you to leave your comments below or to review any of the products we sell. 


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