Understanding Autosocks

Understanding Autosocks

Jeff Westover ·

Autosocks are an alternative way to gain traction in winter driving conditions.

The first reaction some drivers have when seeing them in use for the first time is "You got to be kidding me!" 

Autosock Sizing

After all it seems counterintuitive to use a fabric-based product over the tread design of an all-weather tire. 

However, over the past several years no other winter product out-sells the Autosock. We have sold thousands of them. 

Demand for this product seems to be driven by word of mouth. Drivers who use them, love them.

Here is a candid, driver review of Autosocks: 

As you can see there are pros and cons to this product versus tire chains, to which they are most commonly compared. The pros are: 

- Autosocks are lighter than chains, thus easier to manage
- They can be installed in a fraction of the time that chains take to install
- They are effective in conditions where there is snow and ice

There are some cons:

- Autosocks should not be driven on bare pavement, as that destroys the fabric
- Like chains, they wear out over time

One fact about snow socks that needs to be understood are the speed limitations. The manufacturer recommends driving no faster than 30 mph with autosocks installed. 

A common question we receive from customers new to this product is whether or not these are legal.

The answer is yes - even the in the state of California, where chains seems to dominate winter driving requirements.

To see a list of places where Autosocks can be used, please see this link

The manufacturer also has a great basic guide to the installation, use and long-term care of Autosocks. 

Consumer Reports several years ago reviewed snow socks, although their review was mostly from the perspective of using them on passenger vehicles. 

There are now a variety of manufacturers of snow socks. We sell models available from Peerless SuperSox in addition to the Autosock brand. 

Do you have experience with the use of Autosocks? We welcome your comments and candid reviews. 



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